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Visual Human Mapping . Special Shows

The pinnacle of art put together with technology. A mystical presentation of projection-mapping on moving surface. Brace yourself to witness a mind twisting experience when you enjoy the beauty of mother nature transformation right in front of your bare eyes.

LED WATER DRUM . Light Shows 

Our ‘Technology and Classic’ fusion entertainment with the music instrument, DRUM. This innovative, energetic, and visually stunning performance will definitely  WOW  you as we bring female drummers to the stage. You will experience amazing water splashing effects along with uplifting music and drum beats. Malaysia Top entertainment group

Ranger Tron . Light Shows

Ranger Tron Dance is produced by some of the most amazing talents in our country. This is the masterpiece production of our choreographer, art director, software programmer,  hardware technician and wonderful talents! Everything is designed and controlled WIRELESSLY. Be sure to brace yourself for an extraordinary experience watching our RANGER TRON performance live!


Illusionary Performance with Lasers and Mirrors. The beautiful lights will shower on the refining crafted Mirror suits. Performed with amazing choreography and synchronised effect. The performance will gives an unimaginable experience of 21st century performances.

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