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Amazing Ranger Tron in KLCC

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Creative . Shows . Event . Thank Suria KLCC for having us !

Striking Bright LED Ranger tron ever though can seen in day light !

Mesmerising your own eyes ! RANGER TRON . Exclusive LIGHT SHOW by hyperactive entertainment Ranger Tron Dance is produced by some of the most amazing talents in our country. This is the masterpiece production of our choreographer, art director, software programmer,  hardware technician and wonderful talents! Everything is designed and controlled #WIRELESSLY. Be sure to brace yourself for an extraordinary experience watching our RANGER TRON performance live!

Thank Suria KLCC for having us ! RANGER TRON performance live!

Capture the best moments with Our Ranger Tron !

Light up your event with Ranger TRON performances

HyperActive Entertainment is an entertainment specialist that provides unique and captivating entertainment experiences, from local to international stage.

【HyperActive Entertainment】

│Contact No:+60192022270





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